Scrappy Happiness is Back!

posted on: 7.05.2014

You do not know how excited I am to finally be writing this post. As many of you know, I stopped writing on this blog about a year ago due to a change over to Wordpress. The change wasn't only my blogging platform but also what I blogged about. I essentially dropped scrapbooking off the face of the earth because my space and time was limited. I was sharing a small apartment with three other students and attempting to be creative was a challenge. I only took one little 9 drawer unit of crafting supplies with me which was a HUGE compromise (Don't believe me? Check out my past room tour! I'm Crazy!).

These past months have been full of school work, building my new blog, networking and learning how to live life on your own. Keep in mind that I am still only 18 years old (turning 19 in just 20 days now). I constantly watch all of my old favorite you tubers on the daily when their videos pop up in my feed. I use to get sad thinking about the fun videos, blog posts and friends I made and created over the past 4 years of blogging at Scrappy Happiness. I really want that back and so I have decided to re-open Scrappy Happiness as a strictly Scrapbooking / Paper Crafting / Altered Art blog. By no means am I closing my fashion & lifestyle blog as it has become a HUGE part of my life that will never leave. Clothes are easy to maintain a blog about as scrapbooking is rather hard without the space.

Since my last apartment I have moved to a much nicer and spacious apartment that has allowed me to craft a bit more. I have a few projects to share as well once I get back to LA as I am currently on a short summer break. I hope to share so many projects here on Scrappy Happiness and I hope you will follow along with me.
 photo new_zps9b53493f.jpg Everybody loves a giveaway! Since I haven't completely educated myself on the new product out in the industry I decided to giveaway some of my favorite universal "all the time / always on trend" products (Did that make sense?). One lucky reader will win all of the flowers shown in the photo above!

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New Apartment : My Desk Space

posted on: 9.13.2013

 photo IMG_4554_zps5e6311e7.jpg I want to slowly start sharing a few of my completed spaces throughout the new apartment! As you can probably tell, this is my desk space where I do my homework. I really wanted to create an inspirational place where I actually wanted to sit and stay a while. I mix and matched a few handmade finds, store bought finds and thrift shop finds. I love the way it turned out and I hope you do as well. A list of what is featured in this post will be at the bottom.

 photo IMG_4546_zps993ff5e6.jpg  photo IMG_4543_zps74a9b4e7.jpg  photo IMG_4541_zps1a2c0412.jpg  photo IMG_4540_zpsc547d98c.jpg  photo IMG_4539_zps94bfe358.jpg
Antlers : Friends Grandma  |  Magazine rack : Urban Outfitters  |  Desk & Chair : IKEA  |  Dreamcatcher : Handmade  |  Bookshelf : Urban Outfitters  |  Poster Print : Society 6  |  Candle : Bath & Body Works

What I Wore : Bel Air

posted on: 9.11.2013

 photo IMG_4516_zpse09e3f0a.jpg  photo IMG_4525_zps81e91314.jpg
I finally moved and I am literally amazed at our apartment. I have never seen an apartment as pretty and industrial as ours. I am sharing it with 3 other good friends and my roommate and I have such a lovely room so far. I also hope to post a video soon (I have pictures on my Instagram @drewmscott). Good News, the Internet is a trillion times better than my old place which means..... VIDEOS! I will have videos for you very soon. These last few weeks at school are going to be crazy due to finals and such.

The photos of this look were taken off the balcony of the apartment. We live on the top floor and the view at night is incredible. I really love this look as well. I wore it to school today and I actually got a few compliments on the shirt. It has a really neat mesh panel on the upper third of the shirt. I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far.

Shirt : Topman  |  Cardigan : Forever 21  |  Pants : Levi's  |  Shoes : Forever 21  |  Watch : Michael Kors  |  Bracelet : RUE21

Pressed Juicery

posted on: 8.29.2013

Pressed Juice is one of my new favorite "splurges" in DTLA. I intern at a local showroom and in the lobby of the building is a pressed juice stand. It is literally the best juice I have ever had. I replace my Starbucks with a juice as they are equal in price + the juice is much better + refreshing! The citrus 2 juice is my favorite. The mint is literally perfection. I decided to take a few photos as drinking my juice on the way back home from the showroom. I just love DTLA.

New Washi Tape Patterns

posted on: 8.27.2013

Washi tapes are one of my all time favorite crafting items. I use them for so much more than any other item in my craft room. Packaging, decorating and adding a pop of color to any project are a few of my main uses for this lovely tape. So many fun ideas can be found for Washi tape here. I also have a really fun Washi Tape journal DIY. The shop got updated the other day with over 70 new patterns (now totaling over 250 patterns). Take a peek in the shop as the prices were also decreased $0.70 per roll which is quite large

Dont forget to use coupon code 10PERCENTOFF25 for orders of $25, 15PERFECTOFF100 for orders over $100.