Pressed Juicery

posted on: 8.29.2013

Pressed Juice is one of my new favorite "splurges" in DTLA. I intern at a local showroom and in the lobby of the building is a pressed juice stand. It is literally the best juice I have ever had. I replace my Starbucks with a juice as they are equal in price + the juice is much better + refreshing! The citrus 2 juice is my favorite. The mint is literally perfection. I decided to take a few photos as drinking my juice on the way back home from the showroom. I just love DTLA.


  1. Juice is good for you! I just bought a Vitamix machine this week and have been making my own each morning, and it is so good! Thanks for sharing the pics of DTLA, it is not what I expected, it looks a lot like NYC.

  2. Oh that juice looks and sounds so yummy--thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. So glad you are enjoying the new phase of your journey. nancy mayer

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    1. Aww Thankyou so so much! I LOVE YOUR BLOG ALSO!!!!
      xoxo Drew

  5. Love your shots of downtown. I am from LA. Great spots downtown, combo of slick, raunchy, artsy, all rolled up. Enjoy. Love your blog etc. very fresh.