Steampunk Debutante Page Swap Details!!!

posted on: 9.18.2010

Hey everyone,

OK so below you will see listed the paper you choose for your page. You are expected to use that 1 paper to cover the front and back of your rounded square. You can use the front on the front of the chipboard and the back on the back of the chipboard.
Paper Collection found HERE.
1. Steampunk Debutante *Drew
2. Victorian Transformers *Connie
3. Time Warp *Sharon
4. Fantasy Floral *Dianne
5. Modern Marvels *Deanna
6. Eclectic Emporium *Nancy (Riley was not answering my emails and pm's)
7. Time Flies *Ann
8. Mechanical Mind *Celeste

OK so below are all of the details you will need to know in order to create your magnificent pages.

This is a 8 Person Group so you will need to create 8 Semi Identical Pages and keep one for yourself So make 8, keep one and send the other seven to me and I will take one of everyone's and send them back to you!!!!

Use of paper- OK so you will need to use the paper assigned to you which you choose in your comment to create your page. It would be nice if you incorporated the front and back side of your design paper onto both sides of the chipboard as in cover the front with side A of your Paper and cover the back Chipboard with side B of your paper
Challenge - The use of the Distressing ink for distressing, stamping, embossing or inking
Shape - 4x4 Rounded Corner Square
Embellishments - At least one embellishment on each page (Flowers, Laces etc.)
Binding - Please allow a 1/2 inch space on the left side for binding purposes!!!
Back Page - Back page will need to have a pocket with a tag for journaling as well as an additional tag (Any Size) with your information on it so we know who made the page

***** Due date is October 10th. I will need to have all of the pages in my hands as of October 10th*****

*** If for any reason you need to drop out of the swap please contact me ASAP!! So i can tell the Runner up!!!***

When you are ready to ship please follow these Guidelines for a safe Shipment-
* Please place each page in an individual Plastic Bag to protect it from water damage and any fallen embellishments.
* Include a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) inside your package with your Address in the middle and the same amount of postage it cost you to send your pages to me with an ADDITIONAL 4 stamps in case some people highly embellish their pages. (The easiest way to do this is to find 2 big envelopes bubble or not and bring all your pages to the post office and also the two envelopes (SASE and Main) and I will be sending you my address so you can send them to me. Then pay for postage on both and fold up SASE to fit inside the main envelope (which will be sent to me) as well as the pages in bags.) Please place these stamps inside of the SASE so I can find them if needed. If they're not needed I will send back to you :) PLEASE NO METERED STRIPS!!!

Thanks so much for Participating and I cant wait to get started!!!

If you have any questions below please click here to send me an instant email. A "Contact Me" button is located on the top of the page. I can also be contacted through YouTube. My YouTube is also Above.

Thanks so much and have a great day :)


  1. Thanks so much for this Drew!
    I can't wait to get started. Take care and speak with you soon. :D

  2. Im SUPER excited to be a part of this. I know this is going to be an AMAZING mini! Cant wait to see how all the pages come out! Thanks Drew!!