Steampunk Debutante Updates.

posted on: 10.13.2010

hello everyone who is participating in this page swap.
just a few updates for ya.
i am still waiting for 4 of the girls pages and i have recived nancies, diannes and celestes and they all so lovely.
Everonyes pages will be sent out when i recieve those.
also all of the winners prizes have been sent out and you should be recieving those shortly
thanks so much


  1. Drew can you please send my the address where to send the 8 pages swap please. Here's my e-mail address:

    Thanks : )

  2. Sharon.... I wasnt sure if Drew got his address to you or not, but I sent it to your email yesterday. I know he is busy getting his new school and stuff set up so thought I would help out.

  3. Thanks so much nancy,
    I did send it out a couple minutes after the comment she left but thanks for thinking about it. Your such a great friend.
    Have a great Day

  4. Thanks so much, both of you : )

    I am so excited about this swap, I cant wait to get them in the mail. I apologize sincerely for not being promt on the 10th. They were ready to go except for the last one I had to do. My boys were playing near the dinning room table (which is where I craft at this time) and well I bet you can guess the rest. They spilled and I had to re-do the majority of them. However I slaved for the next two days and got them done. I will be posting a video soon of my page and how I did it. I just hope that everyone likes it.

    Thanks again,
    Sharon : )