Altered Starbucks Christmas Box

posted on: 11.28.2010

Hi All,

Today i went downstairs to find this little book / box thing from Starbucks and i decided i would alter it. I wanted to make a little christmas mini album to go downstairs by our tree or something. I really made this one pretty simple and not vintage because my mom doesn't like the vintage look and of course it is going downstairs. I will be showing the Mini Album portion in a couple of days as part 2. Please stay tuned. I used the Jovial Collection from basic grey and some white felt, lace, buttons and flowers. The box is very self explanatory which is why i did not do and audio. I hope you enjoy the box and check out the video below

Your watching here / On Youtube Here



  1. Turned out awesome! Your mom should be proud of you for being so creative! :0)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. this looks absolutely gorgeous!! You are so creative with what I would call trash!!

  4. Drew you sure are one truly talented lad, I'm sure your mum loved this.
    Kim xXx

  5. Absolutely love this box!!! Can't tell which I liked most though: the outcome of the box, or the music selections during the video:)