Hey My Best Friends

posted on: 11.22.2010

Hi All,

I kinda felt like blogging right now so i am. Anyways, i wanted to tell you all its so cold outside right now. OMG like 25 degrees. So many people have contacted me saying "i thought California was suppose to be hot" UMMMM NO!!! Tehachapi will be like 100 degrees one second and the next ten will be be a snowstorm, snowing like 10 inches tomorrow then the sun comes out and it melts again and repeats LOL. Day 13's card for the holiday card series is so cool. I love the way it turned out and its so so so simple but looks like it took alot of work lol.

I'm really addicted to this new song i just found by the black eyes peas. I'm not sure how many of you guys like them but i love them. Anyways its a new song by them called The Time. It is based on the one song that goes " I had the time of my and i never felt this way before" I'm not sure of the singer but I'm sure one of you will let me now below PLEASE!!!! Click HERE to hear the song(right click and press "open in new window" so you wont have to come back to this). Its kinda odd and techno but cool at the same time LOL.

I'm so ready for Thanksgiving. I love green bean casserole so much LOL. I could eat a whole pan of that and would be satisfied for thanksgiving. On second thought i would need a piece of pie also. Well that's all i think i want to say.

Have a great thanksgiving everyone and hope your enjoying your week so far!!



  1. Hey Drew. The original song was by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes. It's on the "dirty dancing" soundtrack.

  2. O haha lol. Thanks so much for let tin me know

  3. The Black Eyed Peas are awesome... don't always like everything they do but most of it ROCKS! even for us older ladies... LOL!

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