Steampunk Debutante swap Info!!!

posted on: 11.07.2010

Hey Everyone who has participated in the swap,
I have some good news and some bad news to tell yougise. Ill start with the bad. OK i have not received pages from two of the ladies and i cannot keep dragging this on. The swap is a MONTH over due and i need to send out these pages to the people who got theirs in on time. Some people paid alot alot alot of money to express theirs here just to make the deadline and I'm sorry but I'm going to send these out. I need to know from you ladies if i should wait any longer. Please let me know pronto. i will be sending the additional pages you have made in your package to you. At Least you will have 6 pages to put in your mini. that was basically the good news their. i will be making a video of the wonderful RAK's and Pages you all have sent me except for Connie lol because i have to make a 10 minute video on her RAK. Please check out her RAK HERE.
i have received the pages from the following -
and myself
Please let me know what you think i should do. I know Shannon has sent her package off but i have not received it so i will wait a couple days for that but i will email Ann for her info.
Thank so so much for being so cooperative and im really sorry this has taken so long.



  1. Drew...... do what you think is best. I support you in your choice. Loving the new page! Super cute! :D

  2. Hey Drew, I am perfectly fine with you just sending what you have I can always do up another page or two. No biggie. Can't wait to see them.
    Thanks Deanna

  3. I am fine with anything. Just decide what you think is best! :)

  4. I angel a spot for time flies and I just send my pages out today he should have them by thrusday dc 0309 1830 0001 2142 4110.. Thxs Drew for let me angel a spot cant wait to get this back

  5. I'm with everyone...whatever you think is best I am fine with. I am just so glad that you are keeping us informed. I am very appreciative of that. Thanks Drew and Loving the new artwork on the site. Very cool. Take care everyone!

  6. Thanks V for angeling the spot! I know that I appreciate it! Your pages are so cute :) Thanks girl!!