Secret Santa Swap

posted on: 12.03.2010

Hi All,

I'm so excited to be hosting a secret Santa swap on my blog. Basically what you need to do is as follows ( PLEASE READ ALL THE POST BEFORE EMAILING ME YOUR SPOT)

- First click HERE to contact me

- Next, Please use "secret Santa swap" as the subject line. when you contact me please include your name, mailing address and email address.

- Your email, mailing addy and name will be sent to another member of the swap by Dec. 6th.

- When you receive your email with the persons information you will need to go out shopping YAY and pick up up to $25 dollars of products you like so they could try them out.

- once you have scrounged up all there scrappy happiness please send it to the person you have by absolutely no later than Dec 20th

*** The person you have as a partner will not have you as a partner***

Please contact me with your information and the deadline for contacts is 12pm Dec 5th. Any email i receive after 12 December 5th will now be accepted.

I hope you are all having a great holiday season and this will be so much fun.


  1. Hey Drew, I have gotten what I needed to get for my swap. I did not get a email from you yet. I was just wondering if everything was ok

  2. I'm with Monique, I haven't gotten my info for my person! Thanks again for putting it together!

  3. Hey there, it's kellyjp29 (walkelmol) I haven't received any info yet on the secret santa either. Thanks.

  4. Hey it's Missy I havent recieved anything yet either..

  5. Drew,
    I haven't received anything on this yet either. Thanks..