CHA - Day 2

posted on: 1.29.2011

Hi Bloggers,

OK so today went alot better then yesterday. I got in perfectly fine and went over to the Prima booth. I LOVED THE PRIMA BOOTH!!!! So many new products not even shown on their blog!!! Sadly i took pictures for everyone but i cant post them because the products are only available for wholesalers. Sorry. But i do have some more things i want to talk about. So i started by looking at my samples i made for Prima and loved the way they displayed them. So i walked around some more and looked at other booths and decided to come back to Prima because it was like 1 of the best booths. I talked to Cari who is the person who coordinates for Live with Prima and she is the funniest and happiest person I've ever met, she has totally helped me so much. Then i talked to Marion, Lolly Chessie and Pom (The owner if Prima). They are all so nice. Marion's class was starting in about 20 minutes so i cleaned off the tables and set out paper trimmers and the kits for the classes. After the class i helped out Rebbecca with make n takes. They made really awesome Prima headbands using their new headbands. There was a front table and a back table and another on the side. The make n takes were on the front table. I sat down at the back and Marion came back and we talked for like 30 minutes. We made each other headbands LOL. Here is the one she made me. She says its a studly headband and i think i will feature it on my live with prima show on feb 8th :)

I also met a lady named Glenda who is a circle member for the Cricut message board. She says her and her group love the work i do. I was pleased to here they liked my work and we all took pictures together. I have yet to get one with Tim Holtz or Marion or Cari but i got one with my newest best friend Donna Downey!! OMG she is so so cool and funny. Also i talked to Mario (aka - Tim Holtz Manager) and Ted (aka. Owner of Stampers Anonymous) they both have awesome personalities like everyone else in this industry.
I think that's all i had to say. Please leave a comment below if u have any questions.

Thanks so much for reading today and have a great weekend.


  1. I have been checking and checking. Great to hear from you! Sounds like you have been having a great time. Cannot wait to see the pics when you get home. I bet you are getting lots of inspiration. Looking forward to reading about tomorrow. Have fun!!

  2. Loving the headband!! Great to know you're having a fun time, I'd say the atmosphere is amazing over there!!

  3. Good morning Drew. It was good to hear from you. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time:) OMG..I love Tim Holtz and am so hoping you get to meet him and get a photo op. I can't wait to hear more about CHA from you. Hey I was wondering if you got the e-mail that I sent you with the video software converter for your flip. Shoot me an e-mail and let me know. I was worried it may have gotten spammed because I have not heard from you.


  4. So glad today was better then yesturday and looks like your having a blast, wish I was there and hoping to get to CHA Chicago. Yes there are alot of Circlets that love you, me included. Well have fun and can't wait to see all the new goodies and projects you'll be sharing with us, I'm on craft overload and I'm not even here, LOL! Have Fun!
    ((Hugs)) Theresa K

  5. Drew - I KNOW you are having a fabulous time. Thank you so much for letting us live CHA "through you". I can't wait to see what all you've learned and all the new ideas you bring back!

  6. So glad you are having a great time...I'm so jealous. Sounds like you've met some great people. Can't wait to hear some more!!!

  7. So cool that you are at CHA. You deserve to be there. You are very creative. TFS!

  8. I love your comments! LOL Sounds like you had a great time... Maybe someday I'll make it (I just found out last year what CHA