posted on: 1.08.2011

Hi all,
I have like and I'm not even joking the biggest secret in the world but sadly i cant share it with you yet. I'm pretty sure you guys will be super duper happy when its revealed Tuesday night so don't forget to check my YouTube Tuesday around 5:30 for more info about my secret because it will be revealed that night. OMG this is so exciting. Don't you just love it when i have a secret i cant tell you until Tuesday.
Anyways hope your all having a great weekend


  1. This is so mean! I don't like secrets unless I am in on it!! See ya Tuesday!!

  2. Hi Drew, I know that I am new to your blog and to watching your youtube videos. I have however watched almost all of your videos now. Seeing how talented you are I think I know what your secret might be. I can not wait till Tuesday to see if I guessed it right. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Lisa G

  3. ooh ooh, I know, I know ;) But don't worry I won't tell anyone!
    Just wanted to tell you congrats.