{ Love Story } Mini Album + Challenge

posted on: 2.10.2011


Today and last night i worked on this mini using the BoBunny Crush Collection. Ive been wanting to use this for like a month but never thought i would and i love the outcome of the album. I really like the satin rose on the front cover. I tried to make one of the rolled satin roses Ive seen alot of people make and i kinda came up with my own. O well it worked out didn't it? This album is up for sale on my eBay. Click HERE to find the album on eBay. Also don't forget to check out my other listings.

Now on to the second thing on my list. On my last Livewithprima show i gave you a challenge (this is open to anyone even if you didn't watch the show :) to create anything at all using some sort of sewing. A sewing machine, cross stitching etc. really anything and only 1 person has entered :( Please click HERE to find out more details or enter into this challenge because the prize is the mini album i made that night!!!!! Also thanks so much to anyone who ordered a kit because we sold them ALL!!!! YAY i was so excited. Thanks so much everyone and have a great weekend



  1. I love your mini! I think it's so funny how I made one out the same paper (it's really the only valentine themed paper I could find in hawaii) and used the same sheets for the cover! Check mine out and let me know what you think?

  2. Very nice. I left you an award on my blog. You are the first person I thought of when having to select winners. Go Drew!

  3. WOW, just 'discovered' you. What a blessed young man you are to be able to be so creative and share your gifts with others at such a tender age. Keep up the good work, never gie up learning, creating and enjoying!