A couple rather LARGE hauls and a RAK!

posted on: 3.18.2011

Hey Bloggers,
I have a couple hauls to share with you all today!! The first haul is from etsy. There is an awesome seller on etsy called CloseoutGirl and she sells such cheap products. The products are from alot older collections but alot of it it still "GOURGE!!!" So everyone, know when you want to say the word gorgeous make sure to say Gourge because that's the new word. Just to let you all know LOL!! I also got an awesome RAK form Tash. On my Ning website HERE we're hosting a wish list swap and it's basically where you grant someones wishes and then you post your wish list and someone grants it!!! How Fun. Anyways the video is below!!!

I also got some awesome new product from CHA 2011 that i LOVE!!! I got some paper, stamps, embellishments, etc. Check out the video below. The ebay sellers i bought from are Yourscrapbooksupply and Flamingo Scraps!!

I also have some kits available from my last livewithprima class. In the class we went over a ton of jewelry techniques and you can watch the class HERE. Make sure to get a kit because they'e only 18 dollars and you can make your own jewelry with a necklace, earrings and a ring and still have stuff left to use for scrapbooking!!!! HOW GOURGE!! You can get the kits at Bluemoonscrapbooking and Yourmemorieshere BOTH AMAZING SITES!!! Please look!


  1. Wow! You got alot of great stuff!!!

  2. AWESOME!! you are an amazing scrapper... just found you through J. Priest's site...

  3. congrats on the Donna S mentorship! and I see you got to meet the fabulously talented Tim Holtz too! Can't wait to see what you do and look forward to checking out your blog more when I get home later this evening!!!