Mini Album/Banner Photo Turtorial!!

posted on: 4.10.2011

(Click photos to make larger)

Hello Bloggers,

I'm so super sorry about putting this up so late but i literally just found my SD card and ran to the comp to upload these LOL!! This was the live class i taught with Prima on April 5th!! Check out the class HERE!!! Below are the pics of the front and back pages labeled so you know in what order to put your album. Alot of people requested pictures because my web cam SUCKS!!!

Also i know there are a few kits left from these retailers -

(You can also preorder the kit for my next class at Scrapbook Grammie. I'm 100% sure the will sell out FAST!!)

(All the labels correspond with the photo below them)

Page 1 front (cover)

Page 1 back Page 2 front Page 2 back
Page 3 front
Page 3 back
Page 4 front
Page 4 back
Page 5 front
Page 5 back (back cover)

Thanks so much everyone and i hope this helps to construct your super fun mini!!



  1. congrats on finding your SD card! I think your web cam is fine btw. Thanks for getting these up

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures. Just waiting to get my album in the mail to get started.