May Kits for the kit club (Taking new members!!)

posted on: 4.27.2011

Hi Everyone,
So I'm really really excited because i started yet ANOTHER site lol but this one is just for the kit club. The site is and i will post a video at the bottom of this post so you can also view on how the website works!! You can also view the kit for May on the site!. Ok everyone so you are all probably thinking, "Wait isn't it the April kit?" and the answer to that is YES!! I'm changing the name from April to May because i was thinking that you're going to receive your kit in May and also work on it in May so it should be the May kit. Basically i just upped the name a month. Nothing else has happened at all just the name change LOL! Ok also i am taking new members until the 10th of May for the kit club. You can sign up HERE! Make sure to watch the video below because it will show you how to work the site :) I hope you ALL can come and join!! Also this month (Junes kit which you order in May) is gonna be a fun kit because its going to be using a sewing machine album by Maya Road and some vintage papers to make a vintage sewing machine album!! I hope you can come and join!!

Ok so now that i have talked about the name change and new members i wanted to let you all know that the giveaway will be soon. I'm still waiting for some more products to come in.
Here is the video -

Thanks so much



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