Its a wonderful day in the {so called} neighborhood!

posted on: 5.11.2011

Hi bloggers,
Well today has been a great day!! Alot of you probably know that i have a Droid from Verizon but recently ordered the iPhone 4 because i was in Love with the photo filters it has and i will share a photo i took with in below. Anyways that's not the only reason either. I also had a 2 year upgrade and it was 100 bucks so i was like why not. So i did!! I'm loving it so far and i must say the camera and video taking are amazing. It has one of the best video cameras Ive seen even on a phone!!

Also i worked on a layout for Donna Salazar but I'm not done yet. I'm loving the way its turning out and it will be on mine and her blog on the 30th! Join my newsletter for email updates! 
The not so good part about today was i have to write a research paper for English on Egypt and it has to be 5 pages long!! Well i finished and its 6. Hopefully she wont get mad at me cause she said she didn't want 6 but o well i can cut it down if i have to. The report is due on Monday of next week but I'm going to a 3 day {24 hours a day} crop at Remember When in Valencia California this weekend and needed to get it done. Now i have Spanish, science, math and world history {JOY}!! So i think that's all i felt like blogging about right know but I'm heading to Michael's, Ross and Marshall's to get More furniture for my room. If you all didn't know I'm taking the bed and dresser out of my room to give me a full room for scrapping {not sure were ill sleep but thats not important :p }. Sadly i have to pay for all my new stuff but o well!! Can i borrow someones credit card please?? I saw a really cool birdcage at Marshall's a couple weeks ago and i NEED it so ill post a pic on facebook when i find it {if i do} go to my facebook HERE. Ok so I'm done know and here's that pic with amazing Instagram App from the apple app store!! Its totally just a random picture of lace spools atop a piece of wood!!
Have a wonderful rest of the day!