Blog Designing!!

posted on: 6.09.2011

Hey Bloggers,

I have had quite alot of people asking me if i could design a blog for them and since i have designed almost my whole blog with the help of olivia collins i think i could do so. I love graphic design and its 1 or the 2 careers i would like to pursue if i cannot do scrapbooking as my main career. I would totally love to design a blog for anybody who would like me to. Of course i will charge but WAY WAY WAY WAY cheaper then a $3,000 graphic designer LOL. Please leave a comment or contact me for rates if interested in me designing a blog for you. My style is very simple, chic, shabby etc. Such as my blog! I will be doing full blogs and then just headers, buttons, background etc.

Please let me know what ya think!!


  1. I want you to do my blog for me...Please contact me...