Fathers Day Mini Kits {Round 2}

posted on: 6.05.2011

Hi Everyone,

I have managed to get my hands on enough product for only 9 more Fathers Day kits!! Make sure to get yours fast. These last 5 will only be US shipped kits because i don't have any boxes for international. I'm so sorry!! You can watch the video on this album here and the ustream for this album is tonight. Get your kit while they last!! 



  1. franstamper@aol.comJune 8, 2011 at 2:03 PM

    When will part 2 of the Fathers Day journal be ready?

  2. When will you teach us how to do the binding on pages and cover of album? i nreally only had this weekend to finish this album as a gift since Fathers Day is this upcoming Saturday. can you do youtube today??


    Another request is for future albums, can you do 1 month ahead of holidays cuz us mothers have limited time to scrapbook with the kids and all.
    Hugs, Love your stuff!! This was your best so far!!!
    Momma Peach

  3. Hi Drew,
    Re the Father's Day Album: I am hoping you will show us how to make the spine or whatever holds the pages in place and how to attach the paper bags because I have never made an album using paper bags. I know it will be awesome!