CHA Day 1 {Prima Booth}

posted on: 7.19.2011

Hey Everyone,

Today was a great day at CHA summer 2011 in Chicago USA! I had an amazing time chatting with Ingvild Bolme and everyone at Prima! TOTALLY LOVED IT! I also got to meet up with AMAZING Nancy from Goincricrazy on Youtube and her super duper nice friend Cindy! Cant wait to meet up with them tomorrow! I also talked to Tim Holtz, Margie from Girls Paperie and Claudine Hellmuth! LOVELY PEOPLE! Anyways lets get down to just the few photos i took! Literally me and Ingvild were strapped to the classroom area today. People were signing up crazily, making kits and guarding the amazing comfort craft tools from the new release by ingvild!

OOOO! We also did a super fun LWP class tonight with Ken Oliver from Unibind! It was so much fun.In the room we had Ken, Cari, Sharon, Kristina, Tami, Jamie and myself! IT WAS A PARTY! Ill link the ustream class {Both Parts...long story} HERE and HERE as well as the bottom of the post

Ingvild's Lovely new Line of Comfort Craft Tools {A MUST HAVE!}

SUPER GORGE Resin and Metal Treasures From Ingvild as well!

Prima's new Printery Collection! Lovely Layout on the left by Cari!

AMAZING NEW PRIMAS! Love the Flaxence flowers at the bottom!

Stunning Layout by Hege Lundquist of the Prima Design Team using NEW Pixie Glen Collection

AWESOME Halloween Haunted House made by Tami {I think??} Love the new vines!

Ruby Violet {New From Prima} by Lilla Rodgers
Fun and Quirky bobbles, jewels and flowers for scrapbooking and fashion!
Lovely fun and bright purses and handbags!

GORGE and BrIgHt Wreath {Sorry about the photo}

Just a SMALL portion of the new Ruby Violet Line! SO FUN!

FUN and FUNKY Leather cuffs to decorate! {A may have a giveaway on a finished cuff!}

Check out tonight's class below!
Part 1 {click play to hear the first sentance LOL!! CARI!}

Part 2 {We kinda had a laptop failure but we just blamed it on Sharon! HAHA LOL JK!}

As you can see by just a couple quick shots the new product is AWESOME! Ill get more pics tomorrow! Leave a comment below letting me know what you want to see pics of!


  1. All of it looks awesome!!! TFS!

  2. So glad you had a great fun artful time!

  3. Thank you for the great pictures!

  4. Looks like you all had so much fun creating.What a great day