"A Story in my Purse" Mini Album Kits!

posted on: 7.11.2011

Hey everyone!

Im so excited because i have the kits ready and up for sale on my new etsy shop HERE! I have both the shabby chic and vintage version shown in this video HERE! I also have just the PDF instructions in my etsy shop for purchase if you want to use your own paper collection and embellishments! The kits will come with the instructions so no need to purchase separately! An etsy account will take literally 2 minutes to make!

I'm posting this post before the video is up of the kits. The video will be up in 60 minutes so you can get your kits before anybody on YouTube but make sure to hurry!

The class will be as follows -
July 30th || 6:30pm PST || My Ustream
July 31st || 11:30am PST || My Ustream
I promise i will not reschedule!

Thanks so much!


  1. Are you ever going finish the Father's Day Album? That is...Part 2, the actual album, to go IN the book/box.

  2. I have already done the video for tecfathers day part 2. Look at my YouTube channel. Search cardofmyeye fathers day part 2.

  3. Thats very very good! Doya Doya Rumpel Doya.

  4. Drew, thank you so much for posting the photos. Those "comfort tools" sound like a great thing and the cuffs might just be the next big thing. You're so nice to share your fun with us. Have a great time! Maria