What do you think?? {PRIMA'S NEW PRODUCT!!}

posted on: 7.17.2011

Hey Everyone,
I was wandering if you would like me to go ahead and put the new prima winter 2011 product up for presale on my Etsy so you can be the firsts to get it!! It will also give me an idea of whats popular! I will be ordering on the 21st so i thought i should put them up for presale that way i know how much to order extra from what Ive sold! I will carry almost everything from the new release so leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Of course it will be below retail and also if you order over 50 dollars you will get free shipping. I think everything will be shipping from my house at the end of august because prima doesnt ship the product until about august 15th!
Here's a small peak at some of the new lines!!
Ingvild's new Comfort Craft Tools and Resin + Metal Shabby Pieces! (Ive used the tools and i must say they are the best quality and very comfortable!!!!)

New tiny treasures, Art tiles and buttons!

SUPER GORGE! New Le Coque Fetaher Flowers! {STUNNING}

NEW Romantique Paper Collection + some matching embellies!

NEW Londonerry Paper Collection + Matching Embellies!

NEW North Country Paper Collection + some matching embellies!

Leave a comment letting me know if i should put Primas new winter product up for presale!


  1. I would totally go for some pre-orders!

  2. I would absolutely go for some pre-orders! The flowers are gorge and I can't wait to get my stubby little hands on that shabby chic Romantique! I hope you're able to do pre-orders because I'll be one of the first in line!

  3. I LOVE that the line of tools are BLUE and not PINK! I would pre-order many of those things, but I am also a gotta have it in my hands NOW kinda person so the waiting would be torture, so worth the torture though! Excited about the new stuff

  4. I love pre-orders, so put 'em up, I say! What are the tools and what do they do?

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    formerly: www.impulsebuyer-laurakim.blogspot.com

  5. Pre-orders would be great. I'm in Ireland so I always have to wait, this will be ideal for me.

  6. Yeah for pre-orders. I´d love to have these flowers and little Embellishments.

  7. Great idea! Pre-orders are great!

  8. yes, please do! I am already getting ideas with the preview you have shown. Love it!

  9. Yup Drew, go for some pre orders. I love all the embellies and really love the feather flowers. TFS, Mary M

  10. Yes pre orders please! wait lemme go get my credit card...