Prima Etsy Preorder Update!

posted on: 8.31.2011

Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to give you all an update on the Prima 2011 Preorders i am offering on my etsy shop. I have received all the product except all of Ingvilds line {tools and resin + a couple items from the release} are not in yet. I was told they would be shipped with my order but when i got it they were not. I called and they said that the order {ingilvds line} was stuck in Hurricane Irene for the past week and that the boat should have been there by now and they are expecting it in about 2 weeks. I will be shipping everyones order w/out the missing items and when the missing items come in i will ship you another package with your missing items. Does this make since? I hope this helps on the update and i had no idea this package would take so long to arrive but i will be shipping ASAP!
{again im so sorry about this!}


  1. Doesn't Mother nature understand there is scrapbooking to be done. I'll keep an eye out for when you get them

  2. Drew,
    I got your August club kit this week, and the paper squares were not cut large enough to cover the chipboard pieces. Also, once again there were no instructions.

  3. I hope this does not delay again, I am waiting a week po and hopefully you already have everything that you send my order ... I am very happy and I understand the situation :)!!! but I have it with me:)