Live Personal Ustream Class Tonight {I need ideas!}

posted on: 10.03.2011

Hello wonderful scrappyhappiness blog readers!

That was a long intro line LOL! Anyways i just realized i have a ustream account and i haven't really had the time to do my personal videos other than the ones i do for Prima so i decided I'm going to make it a point to do more live classes! I really enjoy doing them and i know a lot of people enjoy watching them. 

So i thought that tonight at 6:30pm PST | 9:30pm EST we could have a ustream class on my personal ustream channel (you can click that link to go to my ustream and you can also always find a buttom at the bottom of all my posts that has a letter "U" on it which will take you to ustream :)!  I'm not 100% sure what we are going to make yet so if u have any ideas please feel free to leave a comment below with a project u have in mind! Maybe something halloweeny??  So make sure to be at tonight's class because it will totally be a fun one and i have a few projects i want to share also and a couple announcements and such!

Thanks so much everyone and leave an idea below!


  1. I do love your live tutorials, good to see another one. Isn't prima live on tonight too? don't want you guys to run into each other. The international class?

    anyway would love to see something Halloweenish for sure. How about like some home decor for the festive season!

  2. how about some Christmas cards! but I know whatever you do it will be fun,,,,,see u later

  3. Anything Halloween would be nice. How about a garland or maybe that's been a bit overdone. Paperbag mini? Interactive layout? Halloween embellies---journaling spots, paperpiecings, etc. Just a few thoughts.

  4. Drew, I didn't get to watch your class live, but I just finished watching it now - beautiful work as usual. You seem so relaxed and comfortable on camera! It's helpful to watch your process, the thinking, choosing, and sometimes changing things around on your project.
    And hope your quiz went well today. Maria