Blog Series - Creating a Blog

posted on: 12.03.2011

Hey Bloggers,
I had a ton of interest in this blog series so I'm going to do it! Lets get right to "Creating a Blog"

Blogging Platforms:

So a blogging platform is what your blog runs on. If you have been to several other peoples blogs you may see these web url's after there main name -
(main name)     example
(main name)     example
(main name)     example

All of those ending url's refer to the blogging platform you are using. For my blog i am using Blogspot because i find it is much more customizable and easy to use compared to wordpress and typepad. For this series i will be teaching using the Blogspot Platform so i suggest making a blogger account for your blog.

Making a blogger account:

Making a blogger account is super duper easy.  Simply go to and you should see this on the right side:

You will now want to click the "Sign up for a new Goggle Account" button at the top right of the page. If you already have a Gmail email account all you have to do is sign in using your Gmail email as your user name and your Gmail password as your password (Google powers both Gmail and blogger so when you make an account on Gmail you automatically have an account made on blogger!).

After you either sign up or log in you will be asked to Create a Blog. This will simply ask you to fill out some simple info such as your blogs name and what url you would like for your blog. Here is what i did as I'm going to make myself a personal blog for myself where i can share non crafting related stuff (***I actually changed my blog to simplicity sometimes after i took this screen shot because i thought it sounded nicer***).

You will get this message after you click "Continue"
Then you will be redirected to your new blogger dashboard after you click "Start Blogging" (it will ask you what type of theme you would like but just leave it as the default or the one called "Simple")

This is what you will see after you click that button. This is called the Blogger Dashboard. My Dashboard will look different than yours because i have 2 blogs created on it (The one I'm blogging on right now and the one i just showed how to create). I simply clicked the "Create Blog" button at the top of my dashboard if you already have a blogger account and previous blog but if you are starting fresh with a new blog you will follow the previous steps (I did those previous steps on a complete different account to show you how to make an account)

As you can see my "ScrappyHappiness" blog is shown and the new blog "Sometimes Simplified" is showing as well.

Now what you will do to customize your profile and basic blog setting and such is click the "Edit Profile" button which is shown under my picture. I have already completed my profile edits as you can see i have a picture showing. You will not have a picture but you will once you edit your profile.

After you edit your profile and picture you will be redirected back to the dashboard which is basically your blog remote. You will now want to click the "Settings" button under your blogs name in the list of links. You will be directed to a page where you will fill out basic info. You will not need to click any of the sub categories when you click settings (you will see a long list of links at the top such as: basic, formatting and many other buttons which makes up the sub categories). Make sure the Basic button is clicked (it will automatically be clicked for you when you click the setting button for the first time).

Fill out all the info you know such as your blogs description and make sure the "Updated Editor" is click to on because this will make your posts post easier.

YAY! now you have created the basis of your blog!
I hope this made sense and if you need any help please leave a comment and i will get back ASAP!

Add the link to your new blog below so we can check them out. As we get further and further we can see how much the blogs have grown! Here is mine (Simplicity Sometimes) HERE! Post your link below to the linking tool!

For the link title put the name of your blog and for the URL copy your blog URL such as -

Thanks so much


  1. Thanks Drew! Ok, so I have a blog already and have a hard time trying to design it so I am going to watch this for some tips! Here is my blog if ya wanna looksie!

  2. I have a blog but I cant get the designs that I want

  3. Thanks Drew - how did you get the various tabs/pages on the top. I have a blog and can not find how to get them. Thanks.


  4. wow thanks for sharing this. I have always wanted to have a beautiful blog but never took he time to learn. I will be here paying attention and see if I will learn now. Thanks for doing this. I am from another country and found you on Youtube.

  5. Can't wait for the next tutorials. How often will you be posting? TFS. This will really improve my blog!
    I've submitted my blog :D However, I will totally remodel it using your 'classes'.

  6. OMG! I've been waiting for someone to explain all this to me in a simple way & JACKPOT your the 1. Thank you so much Drew. I'll be setting one up in the near future with these easy instructions. Will you be showing us how to design it also? Traci ;0)

  7. hi Drew You are the best! I have this blog that I originaly set up when I was i Kenya, nevr really had time to learn it or use it. now that I am back the states I have been wanting to use it to report on my experiences and tie my art and fundraising together. I need some srious help! I am going to try to follow along with you instructions.thank you!!!
    tina e

  8. Hi Drew!
    I was wondering how to change over to blogger from wordpress? Is there an easy way? Or do I just start over?
    Thank you,