yet another layered layout

posted on: 1.07.2012

Hello Bloggers,
Hmm its 2012 now! OHMYGOSH that means the Maya calendar is ending and we are all going to die! O NO! I'm pretty sure the Mayans were tired of making calendars after 2012 so that's why they stopped! OK I'm so off topic. I made another layout for your approval! This layout i must say only took me 45 minutes to create. I actually made the main embellishment part and kept building on it which i then just glued on white paper. I was in one of those modes where i am so focused on what i am doing and singing along to the music!

This layout is quite thick in dimension. I don't keep my layouts in boxes and i really do them for the pretty aspect of them. We have a total of (12) 12x12 shadow box frames in our house that i interchange my layouts in and out. Then they go into 12x12 storage boxes!

So this layout features a picture of my dad's first truck and i just loved the bright contrast between the red truck and the grass. My friends think the flowers don't fit the theme but i like them so there staying!
~ ~ Close Ups ~ ~

I quite like the outcome of this layout! I really need to start adding my projects to my twopeasinabucket account as its somewhat a portfolio! I wish i had an assistant to do it for me! Dont we all!!
Thanks for checking out this post
Love you all


  1. My husband would die ten deaths if I put flowers on a picture of his truck....but I like the layout!

  2. I love the little red truck layout. But my husband will kill me if I put roses around his truck or nova drag car pictures on layouts. Its beautiful. Keep up thr good work.

  3. LOL I had to laugh at the other 2 ladies talking about their hubbies freaking pout if they put flowers on a LO of the truck....mine never wants to see anything I create anyway so I say pour on the flowers!!!! I LOVE this!!!!

  4. What a fun layout! I agree with the red and green combo - pleasing to the eye. Don't know about the flowers...I like them, but maybe you could add a gear or sprocket in there with them? Happy 2012 to you too Drew. Maria

  5. Hi drew great layout i think they really go btw are you finished with the halloween mini series yet thx