"Geek so Chic" Layout

posted on: 2.09.2012

Hiya my friends!
Recently I have been wanting to create an actual scrapbook of my memories! My thought on this was that I need to create flatter pages to put in page protectors rather than me my 3 inch thick pages i use in shadow boxes and such :) These are my classifications of layouts -
Extra thick and bulky (for shadow boxes)
Flat but still GORGE! (for page protectors)

Make sense? Anyways i created one of my flat pages (only like my 3rd flat page). This is FLAT! The thickest point is about 1/4 inch from the buttons! I'm so proud of myself. So the Paper lines I used for the layout are as follow : Amy Tangerine for American Crafts (Yellow Chevron), Pebbles Wood Grain, Sassafrass Indie Girl Border Stickers. All these layers create an amazing composition and of course i added some paint and splatters!

a couple close ups

LOOK HOW FLAT! I'm planning on making more flat layouts to share with you all! Do you like flat layouts? 
Thanks a bunch

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  1. Fabulous! LOVING the photo, the colors and the stitching!

  2. Love the layout, the colors and the picture. The embellishment you did in the corner is awesome, I love it. I too have trouble with bulky layouts. I still put them in albums but the albums end up looking kind of funky when they are too thick. I wish there was a better way, I guess I shouldn't make them so bulky, lol.

  3. Cute layout! Love the colors~ One thing I did cause I like to use the fat pages in my scrapbooks too is to make windows/flaps in the page protectors. The flowers, embellies etc are covered by the flap when you flip/close the book. I usually make these the 'corner' decorations and the pictures etc are covered.

  4. Awesome work as always. I really like the colors you used and your layering. And the journaling by hand. You did a great job with "flat" sbing! Maria

  5. beautiful layout, as usual! love your photo, too!

  6. You're right...still gorge! Love the combo of colors and the washi tape.

  7. I love it! I'm so glad you did a flat page as most of us scrap into books and though I adore the fabulous embellishments there are out there, you just can't put them into books. I've tried it just does not work. Thanks Drew and I really hope you'll do some more.

  8. this looks sooooooooo good
    I have been reading what you told about yourself , wow ......you started in 2009 and look at what you are making I envy you my dear, you are soooooooooo talented

  9. Fabulous as always. I love that you can go from flat to 3D and are stunning. TFS! Blessings, JJ