Romantique Configuration Box

posted on: 2.05.2012

Hey Everyone,
Yesterday on my Facebook Page i decided to ask you all which paper line you wanted me to use for my configuration box which i bought the first time i met Tim Holtz in 2010! I haven't even touched it until now! So i went with the Romantique paper collection by Graphic 45! I knew i had enough trinkets and such to match this line and i had alot of the paper :) All the metal trinkets and such come from my etsy shop!

I really love the outcome and the overcast was really bad today so i hope the photos are OK for you all :) I would love your feedback in the comments below and don't forget to follow my blog to the right!

~~ and some close ups ~~

What do ya think?! I really love the outcome!
I need ideas for projects or posts! Give me a few please :)
Thanks a bunch!


  1. is fabulous just like everything else you create! I love it! Just keep on doing what you do best....creating!

  2. Hi Drew.. I just found your blog yesterday and I spend a lot of time looking all your projects and let me tell you.. You have talent!!! Congratulations!!!! I don't think you need ideas hahahaa... you are doing great job! about the light.. I use day light bulbs and work perfect.. I always take my pictures at night is the best time to do it!!! I got it from home depot ;)

  3. Nice job Drew love to look at your creations!

  4. Love the box and your new hair cut is great on you !!

  5. Agree with u Amy - gorgeous creation and great haircut :)
    Amazing talent!!!

  6. Hi Drew, ive been following your work for a few months now and I think you are very creative. Great job on the box, I love how you put it all together. Everything you do turns out great, so just more of the same! Lovevthe new hair style!

  7. So cool. I have one and haven't done anything with it yet. I really like yours!

  8. At first, sorry for my poor english.
    I just love it! I'll need more time to see it slowly.

  9. I just found your blog and I have to tell you I was completely blown away from all the beautiful things in here. You're such a huge talent! Amazing! Wishing you all the best,

  10. Your configuration box is inspiring and makes me want to create one! TFS! For a future project, I would love to see your renditions of Spoolies. For some inspiration, go to my Spoolies Pinterest Board:

    I'd enjoy seeing your versions of Steampunk designs, too. This can be a challenging theme, and I have not created any art pieces myself. Graphic 45 has outstanding Steampunk designer papers...just like everything else in their line!

  11. Great work :) It's a really pretty box.

  12. Spot on, Drew! I love the little birds.

  13. Your Configurations box came out great, Drew. I am trying to art journal right now, so I'd love to see one of those. I love anything to do with lyrics or quotes too. Did I inspire you?