From Start to Finish Layout

posted on: 3.28.2012

Hey Everyone,
Finally, A real video huh!!! I'm so excited to finally be able to post another from start to finish video. Although I'm not to happy that google has changed the whole blogger platform so i have to relearn it all (BLAH)! Anyways, I used my new Macbook Pro to edit this and i hope its OK. I'm still figuring out the speeding process so i went a bit to quick this time. The video and pictures will be below.

*** I redesigned my blog! How do you like it? leave a comment with your thoughts!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and please check back in just a little for the products i used (Still figuring out how to code them in with the new blogger template thing). Sorry about the wait!
Love you all 
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  1. Drew the layout turned out great and yes Ozzy is too stinking cute! Warning to others - no caffeine needed while watching, my heart is still racing :) LOL Love your talent

  2. I love the colour scheme! So airy, light and fresh! Thank you also for the inspirational video!

  3. Great video..I'm breathless here! lol
    Love the effects you've achieved and love the fact that you explained HOW you achieved them.
    Cool papers and Ozzie really is so sweet.
    Hugs xx

  4. oh wow!! I totally LOVED LOVED this video!!! super cool!!!

  5. I Love the new blog Look, Drew! <3

  6. Love your layout. And so love your videos.

  7. Love it all, Drew! The color scheme, the punched confetti, the bits of washi, and your cute pup! Inspiring!

  8. Great layout Drew. I wish I could layer like you! Thanks for showing us. Maria

  9. Hello,

    I'm just passing by, and I had to tell you.... I LOVE YOUR "DOG-SCRAPBOOKING" :). I will come back to see you fancy layouts :D

    Bye bye