So sorry!

posted on: 3.21.2012

Hey Everyone,
This is just a quick post to let you all know I'm not dead or anything lol! Sorry i haven't been active lately but i have been really sick and its been hard to make videos without rapidly sniffing and coughing! I'm about 90% back to myself know so i should be back up to normal super soon {I promise}! 

Anyways i also wanted to let you know that I'm having a LivewithPrima class tomorrow on a really fun and grungy mini album! The class starts at 6:30pm PST | 9:30pm EST on the prima ustream channel! This class is a must because we use color combos you would never think or using + copic marker coloring and much more!
I hope to see you all there!
xo drew


  1. Hi Drew,

    I hope you are feeling 100% 'normal' soon.

    With love, Antonia

  2. Drew,
    Sorry to hear that you've been sick - at least you're young and resilient! Hope you're doing much better. Maria

  3. Hope you're feeling much better now.
    Need to work out that class time for here in UK as it sounds so good.
    Hugs xx

  4. So sorry to hear that you have been sick, hope you are doing way better....take care sweetie, can't wait for new videos...awesome work..