How To :: Splatter Mists & Paints

posted on: 4.17.2012

So I made a sequel to yesterday's post. After I posted yesterday I got quite a few questions here, on youtube and personal messages. Everyone is curious how to splatter inks on your projects and how to achieve different looks. This technique is very very very easy and fills in blank space on your projects really well!!  I thought maybe a couple visuals would be nice also :) Use the video below for a video tutorial and scroll down further for some pictures & descriptions.

Basic Splattering :: This is my most common way of splattering my mists. Basically all you have to do is unscrew the nozzle from the bottle and hold as I am above. Then you use your finger to tap the nozzle which then disperses the ink in splatters on your project! Easy huh!

Basic Splattering (Large Splatters) :: Large splatters are always more of a challenge. Basically I have found out if you hold the nozzle strait up and down and shake it to where the mist will fall on the bottom of the plastic tube you will get large dots {shown in the video above}. You can also do as I am above and simple get some mist on the tip and draw a circular blob. The ink will absorb into the paper and look as if it was splattered.

Splatters with the bottle closed :: I find this technique is a bit harder to use but you can still achieve splatters this way. Simply start to pump the nozzle lightly until a blob of mist forms on the outside. Don't press hard enough to actually spray the mist but you can collect little doses on the sprayer until you have a big blob in which can be splattered onto your project.

Using paint to splatter :: I do use this a lot!! I find that when I paint on my projects I would like matching color splatter in which can easily be created with your paint and some water. Simply pour a bit of paint into a container and add a bit more water than you did paint. Stir with a paint brush and splatter on as you did above in the 1st style of splattering.

I hope you found this little "How To" helpful and if you have any tips please leave them in the comments below! Have a lovely day.


  1. Great video, Drew. Another way to achieve larger droplets is to use a eye dropper.


  2. Thanks for the video..never thought to use paint and its a good idea for a color you might need. Do you ever use the mists for masks? I always splatter and never knew if I would like the sprayed look.

  3. Thank you for sharing your tips !

  4. You know, until yesterday's video, I never thought to splatter my mists. I used to do it on projects with paint all of the time. Splatter, here I come!

  5. Thanks for the sequel! Great techniques.

  6. I love that you doing a blogp/youtubevideo every single day. I alway want to make more blogs, but I really don't have the time. So I wish you good luck on this intent :)

  7. You can also splatter by putting some paint on a toothbrush and run your fingers across the bristles to get a fine splatter, tfs

  8. Love this, I tried the blob technique but my pump is to sensitive. Even with little pressure I can't get it to build up. But I tried the paint brush technique and the shaking the bottom of the sprayer that works nice too.