planning a scrapbook page

posted on: 5.16.2012

Hello there, Today I am sharing a tip that has been highly requested. If you have seen any of my "From Start to Finish" videos you would know I have a basic idea and set of products already laid out before I start the page. I am here today to help you achieve a lovely page like kit before you start scrapbooking to get a general idea of supplies you will use. This will help the creative process and make the page come together quickly.

I have a lovely little video below with how I put together the page kit shown in the snippet above. You will ALWAYS start off basing your page around the photo. You will want to make sure to use colors that are in your photo and not have some wonky colorful uneven layout in the end! You totally dont need the same tone or hue of color but it the photo has green then make sure to add some green here and there! The video explains this a bit better + I give a few more pointers that are quite helpful {in my opinion of course}

I hope that helped and if you have any tips please leave them below!


  1. Drew,thanks for showing us how you get your page supplies together. I wish I were that organized! And what a great photo of you and your Dad. Maria

  2. Great video Drew... and a great photo, I can see you got your good looks in part from your Dad, handsome fellas you two !

  3. Thank you Drew for the video on how to get supplies picked out for a lay out..

  4. Great video Drew, looking forward to your next start to finish video for this layout. Love the kit you have put together.

  5. Thanks, Drew. I've had the idea of making a "kit" of supplies before I start a project, but I didn't quite know how to do it. This video has given me a concrete, focused way to do it. Good job. I haven't watched any of your "Start to Finish" vids; I'm going to be sure to catch them in the future.

  6. I don't know if you ever have time to listen to paperclipping round table with noell hyman. But a recent show topic dealt with staring and the blank page, show title.
    Anyway all the guest talked about page construction and the story they wanted to journal but nothing about paper color and pic color.
    I like your technique very much thanks for share yet another helpful video. Check out the round table should be a guest!!!