Updates :: Crop-aganza + Vlog

posted on: 5.18.2012

Why Hello there, I am off to a 3 days scrapbook crop at Remember When Scrapbooking in Valencia California! Each year they hold (2) 3 days crops and I was lucky to get a spot in this one! I thought it would be fun to have a little Cropaganza!! 

Cropaganza (vb) :: to have a fun cropping blog party like thing 

Yes, sounds like a blast! I am going to be posting like crazy from Friday - Sunday with my own projects, how to's, challenges, giveaways and much more! I think this will be so so fun so make sure to join my newsletter to get posts directly in your email. I have a little video above I think will give a it more explanation + it was a fun little vlog also! 

Vlog (vb) :: A video blog like thing
xo, drew


  1. Loved your vlog! Yes you should do more!

  2. love the things you do scrapping wow your talent is simply amazing ...i just found you by mistake on utube and was so glad i did ...looking forward to learning from you ....
    i have been starting to go through all of your older stuff ....keep up the great work and the passion you have for doing what you love ...never let anyone change you ....

  3. have a great time at your crop this weekend ....can not wait to see what gorge (love that word) things you create ....hana

  4. Your vlog made me start my day with a smile! Thanks Drew and have fun! Leave your ginghers at home please!

  5. Have fun! I just had a 2 day one last weekend. 48hrs! Yikes. I love doing them! The amount of bags and luggage I had lol!

    Cute shirt too..can't wait to hear more!


  6. have fun Drew. Love the new shirt.

  7. Have fun Drew! Say hi to Karla and the rest of the girls for me...Loved your Vlog and your shirt...


  8. No not creepy just so cute and sweet ......have a great time. Later

  9. Have fun!!! <3<3<3 the shrit!!! def NOT a creeper!!! and heck yea to MORE vlog!!!

  10. Loved your VLOG you are hilarious. YESSSS do more.