Diagonal Stripe Card ~ Clearsnap

posted on: 6.10.2012

Hello again! For my second guest design project I decided to make a card! I am so so so bad at making cards! I'm not sure why but I just cant get the composition down yet! Hopefully with practice I'll get more use to cards :) I tend to stay away from making them!

Anyways, I created this rather unique cards with some white card stock and clearsnap inks! I used the "Brocade" petal point ink set which includes 8 gorgeous coordinating colors. They have a really pretty metallic sheen to them! I also took some photo's of the process which may make it a little easier to understand! But first here is the finished card!

Something different! I really love it! On with the tutorial.

My paper was cut to 4 by 5 1/4 inches so it would mat on a basic sized card base.

Cut along the lines to give yourself individual wonky shaped pieces of paper that will piece together to create a lovely sunburst pattern! And on we go...

Using each petal point ink, ink each strip with a different color. Make sure to give an even coating to each strip and leave to dry! You can also stamp a pattern in the background with versamark and embossing powder, then ink and allow to dry. Wipe away extra ink on top of embossed image!

After each piece has dried. Cut another piece of 4 by 5 1/4 inch piece of card stock and cover it with adhesive. Lay down your strips and recreate the sunburst pattern. Cut off excess card stock (if any) and mount on your card. You can then embellish and include in a package :) I used barely any supplies! Just pick up a petal point ink which includes 8 colors and make a variety of beautiful cards!

Supplies used ~  xoxo drew


  1. You did a great job. I've seen lots of sunburst cards, but really like the effect you got on this. Keep up the cardmaking!!

  2. Awesome card! I'm gonna do that design on a layout..genius!

  3. What an awesome card Drew. I am looking forward to giving this a go myself, may even try it on an ATC.
    I love the way you come up with such unique designs I would never have thought of. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  4. Love this idea! Good way to also use my color box inks I hardly ever use. Thanks. ~Karen Sue

  5. I love the color combo on this card Drew. You don't need to worry about your cards. This one is great!

  6. Oh hey, this seems simple enough that even I can do it!

  7. amy :)

    love the card ...you should do more your better at this than you think you are drew ....keep up the great work always love to see what your creating next ...

  8. so fun! i'm learning so much about paper crafting from you!

  9. Wow this is super cute! I've made a similar design on a digital card that I sell, but I LOVE this physical version. I'm going to have to try it. Yeah!! :D

  10. Wow, what a wonderful card!
    Greetings from Denmark