DIY :: Friendship & Chain Wrap Bracelet

posted on: 7.29.2012

Hey there, Today I have a super trendy and easy DIY project! This project literally took me about 15 minutes to make. I have seen wrap bracelets everywhere just about made with any material but I have not seen one in "friendship" bracelet form. I added a touch of shine with this pretty gold chain. I really love the way this bracelet turned out and I can't wait to make multiple more. I think these would be fun to stack and have a cluster of chain and embroidery bracelets on your wrist! You can also even wear this as an asymmetrical necklace.

1) Supplies Needed :: embroidery floss, gold chain, gold clasp, gold jump-rings, tape 2) Cut about 35-40 inches per color of embroidery floss, fold in half and knot and shown 3) Tape your loop down and arrange strands as shown 4) Pull your 2 outest strands into the center and cross one over the other 5) repeat step 4 by taking your 2 outest strands and pulling them to the center. We are essentially creating a fish tail braid 6) As you can see it creates a fish tail braid or a neat chevron pattern 7) Braid all the way down and tie a knot at the end. Clip excess embroidery floss as close to the knot as possible. 8) Attach apprx. 10 inches of chain to one of the loops with a jump ring 9) Lastly attach a gold clasp to the opposite end. Simply wrap around your wrist multiple times and clasp it to the chain. enjoy!
xoxo drew 


  1. Oh my word the last time I made one of these was about 20 years ago!!! I was 12! That is scary to admit that I did something 20 years ago! Gorgeous bracelet, love the chain added to it, very clever idea. Lee x

  2. Um, hi. You are awesome! That is all.

  3. Ok, so i have seen your blog several times before and i just love it!

    and...i just realized i saw you at CHA in Chicago!!! you came to our booth - I work for american crafts!

    big fan of yours right here!



  5. I made this lovely bracelet yesterday! Thank you for your instructions! :D