Lake Havasu - Day 1

posted on: 7.10.2012

Long time no blog.. Sorry about that! Lately I have not had an urge to blog or make videos which is totally unlike me but I was having a small (big) withdrawal today! For our little vacation for the month of july, we are in Lake Havasu! Basically a lake just like any other, but lakes are always fun! We have our boat hooked up outside and are literally just about to get on it! I absolutely LOVE tubing because I can scream as loud as I can without anybody telling me to stop (which is always fun every now and then) + its thrilling and fun. Anyway, I have to get going, so the pictures will tell a story below, OK! I will be back tonight to blog again. Im currently addicted to reading magazines, Elle and Vogue are my news favs!! Any other magazines I should look into? I read them on our 5 hour drive over and I think I will "smash book" some of the photos!

The photos above are all completely random ones I have taken! The doggy just walked up to the "cabin" we are staying at and he has kept us company! We are here with 3 other families so there are 8 adults and 9 kids! It's pretty hectic but so far so good!
until tonight xoxo drew


  1. Great photos Drew - I especially like the young lady that's all smiles - she looks so happy! Have a great vacation. Maria

  2. You are soo good looking Drew! :D And I quite like your blog! It's fab! <3