The flowers of CHA

posted on: 8.25.2012

Hi! OK, so I totally forgot about these photos I took a while back at CHA. I found the folder saved on my desktop as I was doing a bit of computer cleaning. Soooooo, I thought I would share some of the photos with you. I take to many photos of flowers but they just sit there and look pretty.

That last photo is now my desktop photo and I totally love it. Ok so as I'm typing this I can smell some barbeque through my window and I'm eager to go steal a bit so I think I will.
xoxo derew


  1. Dear Drew,
    You are inspiring in your creativity, individualism and honesty. it's refreshing. It's also cool how you're so young compared to other bloggers I follow, and still in high school (like me!). I'm actually thinking of starting my own blog, since I love to cook and be creative, but I struggle to find the time. Do/did you have trouble with this? How do you overcome it?
    Best wishes, A

  2. Gorgeous pictures! The colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

  3. Hi! I just recently stumbled across your blog and really love what you do. You have so much talent. I wanted to share your blog with my readers so I did that today. You can check it out over on my blog @

  4. Hey! Just found your blog, and I'm incredibly impressed! Great layout, colors, easy to navigate, etc. Good luck in school!