Im Back!

posted on: 9.25.2012

Hello Friends, I'm am now back from Mexico! The cruise was so fun and much needed. School and my 2 online shops have been taking over every minute of my time recently which is why I have not been posting on youtube as well as here. I am finally at a point that I have some extra time (hired a worker). I was curious to see what you would like to see in future blog posts? Leave any and all ideas in the comments below. This will give me an idea of what my readers most enjoy!
Have a lovely Tuesday. xoxo drew


  1. You're great at what you do, especially the photography but my preference is to see your card and scrapbook art.

  2. I enjoy the scrapbooking, card making, mini books. I guess paper crafting sums it up well. Glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation!

  3. Hi Drew!You are a huge inspiration to me as I am 12 and have been crafting for 8 months. A video I think you should do is on your charm collection and also more VLOGS! On your blog I think you should post more DIY activities and things of that nature. And BTW you never posted the video on the wedding layout you did. Just sayin =)

  4. Drew, so glad you had a great time on your cruise - of course we expect photos! I'm also a fan of your sb layouts, mini-albums,and photography but you're artistic in all your interests so it's all good. Have a great week. Maria

  5. Love it all! But I mostly miss your videos and scrapbooking!

  6. Drew, I would love to see what you are designing in the way of fashion!
    Perhaps you've done some projects already that you could share with us.
    Love your work.
    So glad that you had a great cruise with your fambly.