OOTD // If I Die Young

posted on: 10.09.2012

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Shirt :: Foreign Exchange // Pants :: Tilly's // Scarf :: ZARA // Shoes :: Vans // Watch :: Michael Kors
I just had to blog about something. Do you like these outfit posts? I know there not very crafty but since I am going into the field of fashion I thought I would include my own style into my blog. I love these pants. They are chevron print OMG!! Dark and light grey chevron. I will have a DIY post up for your viewing pleasure tomorrow. If you were curious about the titles of these outfit posts, I am using some of my favorite song titles as I feel they fit these looks.
xoxo drew


  1. Love your photographs. You might want to check out a blog malepatternboldness. It is a lot of fun and the guy who owns the blog sews and there is a wealth of knowledge about vintage sewing, fashion, and all kinds of other fun topics that involve fashion from the past and to now.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that song too!!! I like the Michael Henry & Justin Robinett version though best!!! You should watch their video on You Tube of it! Oh and I love your scarf, I am a scarf lover also! My husband never says no to me when it comes to getting a new one!

  3. Love the pics and the outfits , thanks for all you do !

  4. bury me in satin. lay me down on a bed of roses. :)

  5. I hate that song as my Mom passed away in November and she went far too young. I think it's a stupid song as no one would want to see any of their loved ones die young. I'm sorry, I'm not dealing with the loss of my Mother and best friend well.

    However, I love the chevron print pants and scarf. You are me 20 years ago. I am so very impressed with your art and your drive. Don't know how you got to where you're at but you obviously have some very supportive parents. Cherish them, Drew. I look forward to continuing to learn from your blog and hopefully share some of my own creations.

  6. SO cute haha I love all your clothes! So jealous.