At the Carnival

posted on: 11.07.2012

How I love the carnival! I took these photos about two months ago when the carnival was going on in my area. The sucky part was that I lost the camera card...until now! I just happened to find the card in the bottom of my backpack (I forgot I took it for my Digital Photo class). I took my camera to the carnival with me because I knew that I did not want to ride anything. I really love the bright colors of these photos and thought you would enjoy them as well. I set the ferris wheel photo as my desktop background (I altered it a bit more). Let me know what you think.
What is your favorite part of a carnival?
xoxo drew


  1. How fun! It feels like the summer was ages ago!

  2. Great pictures, Drew. The slide picture makes me smile. Love how colorful it is. Haven't been to a carnival in years; but the rides were always my fave.

  3. These photos are so fun! I love all the colors and something about them just made me happy.

    J.P. Photography

  4. I love the happy screams of kids enjoying the rides and, of course, the delicious candy apples. Glad you found the memory card.
    Shades of Blue

  5. the new layout is perfect! omg. love it.