DIY - Holiday Wreath

posted on: 12.05.2012

Hey there everyone, Today I have a fun little DIY project for you. Now for a little disclaimer :: This is my first ever wreath. I had to stop adding to it because the sun was going down quickly. I plan on making the wreath fuller and rounder tomorrow. This project is very simple and in the next few days I will be doing a follow up video on decorating the wreath.
The tools and supplies are very limited for this project. I used some tree clippings from a local Christmas tree seller. I also used a pair of wire cutters (The scissors did not work) and a large 24" metal wreath base. I also got this base from the tree seller for $6.
Using your cutters, cut of pieces of the greenery. Cut off generous pieces and avoid tiny fragments because they will just fall out of the completed wreath.
Lay the tree pieces in the base. Make sure the base of the pieces is in-between two of the popping out spikes. The spikes will clamp these pieces down. I suggest finding the largest, fullest and longest pieces and lay them down. This will make sure the backing of the wreath will stay in tact and smaller pieces can be added on top as filling.
The pegs can now be bent over to secure the base branches onto the wreath. I suggest using a hammer and not your fingers because these are thick.
Now is the tine where you can add extra branches and fill your wreath. Using mini black zip ties simply zip tie branches onto your wreath. The more you add on, the fuller your wreath will get. Cut the tie end flush to the branch and pull out some of the greenery to cover the tie. I will be adding more branches to mine.
I just had to share these lovely shoes with you. I got them for $4 at K-mart and I'm pretty excited to wear them this holiday season. Oh, look at my chevron pants! I died when I saw this pair in stores. I know the wreath doesn't look very great at this moment but I promise by the decorating post that it will be pretty and full.
xoxo drew


  1. LOL crack me up...lovin' the shoes.

  2. Drew, thank you for the wreath lesson - I want to try this. And I LOVE your shoes, esp. for $4! Maria

  3. I love how you take up close pics. You do great work. The shoes look so comfortable!!!!

  4. i have this vintage Martha book on wreaths; the possibilities blow my mind!

  5. I like all you project so anything craft would be fine with me