How To :: Printing Instagram Photos

posted on: 12.16.2012

Why hello, Today I have a rather amazing post for you. I have loved instagram for the past few months. If you are unsure of what instagram is... It is basically a social media app where you can upload photos and add fun effects to them. Your friends and followers can then comment and like the photos you post. I always post fun photos of myself, friends and randomness over on my instagram (@drewmscott). I wanted to print my photos I was taking and include them in my scrapbook pages. I eventually found an amazing solution to this problem.

I simply use 3 apps :: Instagram, Pic Stitch and Walgreens. The "instagram" app allows you to take and filter your photos. The "Pic Stitch" app allows you to create a collage of your instagram photos in a 4x6 inch aspect ration. Lastly, the "Walgreens" app allows you to simply upload your photos directly from your phone and pick them up in less than an hour at only $0.29 a photo (sometimes they have amazing deals). I hope the video above gives you the idea of how to do this; It is so very simple and easy to do.
enjoy, xoxo drew


  1. WOW!!! So much grest info!!! THANX!!! I have been wondering how to make it easier to get my instagram photos printed. I use Walgreens always to print my potos so this was very helpful!!!!!! Loveing me some DREW!!!

  2. Thanks for doing this tutorial. So much easier to have the visual. I can't wait to try this!


  3. Super helpful! I'm about to get my first ever iPhone, and one of the reasons I'm getting one is for the camera. Love making mini-books too, so I look forward to using your methods for printing! Thanks so much!

  4. Oh, thanks for the video. Yeah, my instagram account has tons of pictures already (tons is an overstatement, I know), and I also wonder how to keep them on my phone since it's eating up the memory. Maybe plotting them on frames hanging them on my walls can be a great decor at home.

  5. Nice video, and thanks for sharing this! Finally I can print out the pictures from my account and have my little museum in my room with all those memories that I took with Instagram. All I need now are frames.