Instagram Lately (February)

posted on: 2.23.2013

Instagram has seriously grown into an addiction! I truly love Instagram. It gives me motivation to take more photos of myself and surroundings. Which in return allows me more photos to scrapbook with. Follow me Instagram @drewmscott
1) My genius OREO idea. Stick a fork in the cream
2) The snow this past Tuesday night! 8 inches
3) The album I have been addicted to lately. Coldplay > Parachutes
4) My attempt at winking ;)
5) Lumberjack day at school
6) Ozzy and the kitty
7) Random #selfie
8) Kimmi posing for the camera


  1. All are cute but I like Ozzie and Kimmi. Ozzie looks comfy

  2. Cute pics. Love the snow. I live in TN and we have not had any snow and gosh how I wish we had just one big snow. Love making pics in the snow of my kids playing.