Tim Holtz Distress Paint Review

posted on: 3.16.2013

Hello Lovelies, Finally another video for you. Things have been quite hectic lately due to college being right around the corner. FIDM is extremely expensive and which is why I am applying for scholarships which takes a bit of time. I have a majority of them sent in so I will be back and better than ever shortly.

About a week ago I got in the whole line of Distress Paint by Tim Holtz in the shop. I can 100% say that they are incredible. If you enjoy mixed media, painting or generally color, these are for you! They are sort of watered down paint and flow incredibly  What I really love is how opaque they are. Perfect for vivid paint splatters on projects. All 24 colors in this are to die for. If you would like to purchase these paint head over to my website or Etsy shop (Take 10% off your order with coupon code SCRAPPYHAPPINESS or purchase $75 and get free shipping in the United States) ::
 Shop Distress Paint on HopscotchCrafts.com
 Shop Distress Paint on HopscotchPaperCrafts Etsy Shop
Have you used these yet or plan on getting them? Share your ideas!
xoxo drew


  1. I have 4 colors and LOVE LOVE them! Been playing with the paints and the wrinkle-free technique with AMAZING results. Love that they are permanent once dry so I can use wet media on top

  2. I love the paints. I have 4 but will order more. I have a question for you. I just looked at the You Tube video of your studio and I'm so interested in how you made your cubicle using foam board. That is so neat. You need not apologize about how much stuff you have. I admire you for being so young and doing all that you do. You are so talented and I hope I live long enough to see how you achieve your dreams. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hubby just ordered some me (Isn't he the BEST??!) so I'll be playing with these shortly! Very excited!

  4. Drew you can get a new screw at the hardware store.....they are cheaper there.
    Love the review of the paints. It's about time we got some that were fluid yet opaque enough to cover in one swoop. Thanks.

  5. Congrats! And, your hair looks great!