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posted on: 5.08.2013

 photo IMG_4550_zpscca10e81.png  photo IMG_4559_zpse480f2db.jpg  photo IMG_4574_zps82fd9997.png  photo IMG_4659_zpse20d433e.png  photo IMG_4555_zps544fffdf.png  photo IMG_4557_zps67d3a703.png  pants : H&M  |  sweater : Forever 21  |  jacket : H&M  |  shoes : Forever 21  |  scarf : Forever 21 
Finally a fashion post. I know most of my followers are not interested in these male fashion posts but I seriously love them. I'm going into the field of fashion design so why not share my style on my blog. I really loved this look. That jacket is one of my all time favorite jackets and the pantone green chinos really just pop.


  1. Oh please keeping posting! I love fashion as much as Scrapbooking and I'm actually running a pantone color challenge on one of my blogs (Sketches with Color) Love to see your style =) I adore the look of the scarf with the polka dot shirt. I'm addicted to "color pop" chinos & of the best fashion trends in years =).

  2. Keep posting. It is one of the few ways I have of keeping up with the fashion of the young people. I do love your outfit. I love the "color pop" too.

  3. Wow, how talented you are Drew!!! Look at those incredible photos you took, and look at you!! You rock! Look very handsome. Great post!
    Love, Jodie Lee