Q&A Video :: Other (Stamps, Etsy, Fashion...)

posted on: 6.04.2013

Here is the last and final video in this Q&A series. This one involves any questions that really didn't fit into the first two videos which can be found here and here. Thanks so much again for asking all these questions because I'm sure it answered quite a few of your curiosities. Let's get off topic shall we? Today was my last day of school. Well, yesterday was the actual last day but today was a senior breakfast thing for an hour so I considered it a school day. I can't believe that I am graduating on the 6th in just two days. I also want to thank you all for being so patient. I haven't been posting as often as I would like. I have just been so busy. I think most of us have :)


  1. Thanks for the great info!

  2. Great videos Drew. Good luck with moving and starting the new school. Have fun! :)