What I Wore : BOY

posted on: 8.12.2013

Shirt : Foreign Exchange  //  Jacket : Levi's (Added Studs)  //  Pants : Hot Topic  //  Shoes : Zara  //  Hat : Boy London

So happy to finally have Internet that somewhat works (It's called Starbucks). So dressing for fashion school has been very intimidating lately. Everybody is dressed so nicely. I really love seeing everybody's combo's they put together. I guess a perk to going to fashion school is you can wear whatever you want and the people around you are very inspiring. I really want to start playing with prints. I plan on adding a few new crazy printed items to my wardrobe very soon. Hopefully I can hit up a few vintage shops on Melrose down here in LA. Anyway, School is going great. Today was my first day of Midterms and one of my tests was rather challenging. Oh well, life goes on. I really want to do a craft post for you all, I promise to very soon.


  1. Great look you have there! Love the jeans and the jacket especially. Glad you are enjoying fashion school, it must really be fab to have like minded creative people around.

  2. You should not be intimidated, you always look great. I think it is importend not to loose yourself but stay true to yourself and all will be good. It will make you feel comfortable and able to consentrate on you school, fab intership and you scrabooking work.
    You are good enough as you are!!!!
    Loving wishes Aya