Bigshot winner!!

posted on: 2.23.2011

Hey everyone,
i completely forgot to mention the winner of the Bigshot. I did pick a winner on the 20th using but the computer i was using was my phone and i couldn't do a screen shot so i'm hoping you all believe me LOL. The winner was Linda Beckner and i already contacted her and she got back to me. The Bigshot is being sent to you as we speak. More like as i talk to you.
Thanks so so much everyone and i wish i could give all of you a Bigshot but maybe someday i can :)


  1. Of course we believe you Drew!
    Congratulations to Linda and thank-you for offering such great blog candy and giving us all the chance at winning!
    I just love how creative and artistic you are!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. congrats linda :)
    drew youre very generous thank you for the opportunity to win.
    youre a wonderful artist already cant wait to see how you evolve :) have a great day :)