SH Kit Club

posted on: 2.24.2011

Hello everyone,
Here is just a quick update on the kit club. The kits will be sent on the 25th as well as some photos so you can see what your getting. I did use the Curtain Call Collection YAY!!!!
Ok well now let's get down to buisness. ANYONE IN THE KIT CLUB (if you paid for the first kit) PLEASE EMAIL ME AT MY NEW SH KIT CLUB EMAIL. Basically just email me to this email - and let me know your name and address. I really need a new email for the kit club so i don't get everyone mixed up. I need your name and your address on file if you already paid for the kit (this had nothing to do with shipping just need your address on file) I hope you all get what i'm saying :)
Also i'm taking new memberships until the 5th of March. Please email me at the kit club email above letting me know you want to join the club and i'll email you more info. Please read some information HERE on the club.
Thanks so so much everyone