LivewithPrima Mini Album Ustream Class Tonight

posted on: 2.08.2011

Hey Bloggers,

Tonight is the night i have been waiting forever for. Im so excited because we are going to be making the mini album on the left. The class starts at 5pm pst or 8pm est. Its going to be alot of fun and i hope you can atleast drop in and stay for a while or say hi. Thanks so so much everyone for supporting me through this fun journey and i cant wait for tonight!!!!!


  1. Drew,
    I am sssooo glad I got to see this video (and live no less!!) You did a phenomenal job! LOVE this little album and will be looking forward to more from you. I also became a follower. Great job!!


  2. Enjoyed your live class very much. Great instructions, demonstrations and a few laughs thrown in. I don't know many adults who could do a live class as successfully as you!:-) Looking forward to the next one.