Some fun and exciting updates

posted on: 2.06.2011

Hello Bloggers,
OK so i have some news i want to go over and some other things. First off my LivewithPrima Ustream show is going to be Feb. 8th at 5pm pst. You can find the ustream HERE. Im so so excited for the show and it would mean a alot to me if you could show up and watch. Don't forget to make an account on ustream HERE. Its super quick and easy and you can join the chat and talk to a ton of amazing people. ITS SO MUCH FUN. Also if you join the chat you have a chance to win a prize at the end from Prima. We all love Prima! YAY i love prizes too!
OK, I had one of my awesome viewers send me a message saying they saw me in a video at CHA. SO i though you would like to see it. It was with Tim Holtz so that's pretty cool although i never talked to him LOL. He said, "How goes it man?" and i was ordering so i wasn't really paying attention and i never answered. I feel bad because now i see it on video LOL. Anyways check out the video HERE. I know alot of you have wondered what my mom looks like and she's the one in the blonde long hair and our awesome LSS owner has the shorter brown hair.
1 last thing i would like to say. I think? I will be continuing the mini album series probably tomorrow. Sorry we went out of town for a couple days and now I'm back into the video making.
Also for those of you interested... The payment for the SH kit club is due by tomorow at 8pm. I had to cut this month really short because i need to know how many kits i need to buy. Then after this month I'll have a better idea of how many to put together. So please contact me by clicking the "Contact Me" button at the top of the page for more info.`I will be taking more sign ups for the next month after the 15th of February. Please read my blog, earlier post, regarding the kit club and how it will work. There will be a limited amount of people accepted so please hurry.
Thanks so much for supporting me everyone i really appreciate it.


  1. Hi Drew
    I sent you a couple of mails and had no answer, I know you have a lot of things to do and loads of mails. Please let me know if I can join your kit club, I'm in Spain, how much will it cost? how can I pay you?