Some great news and updates!!

posted on: 4.08.2011

Hi All,

How are you today!! Anyway ill get right into it rather then talking for like 12 minutes before i tell you my Great news and updates!!!! OK so i have a few new updates to share with you and here they are -

- The first is that i know design for a new Russian Blog for men who scrapbook. Its written in Russian and English. I'm so happy she decided to also write it in English so people like me who only know English can look at this very Amazing blog!!! Please head over HERE and follow the blog (I would really appreciate it!!) OOO i almost forgot they are having a starting up giveaway that you can enter (For some reason that's only in Russian but just click the translate button!! The giveaway has a TON of Tim Holtz products and who doesn't LOVE Tim Holtz!!)

- Ok so remember how i was going to post pictures of each page of the album i made for prima. Well that will hopefully be up tonight. After my prima class it was to dark to take photos so i took them the next day hoping to upload them that night but that never happened. Then i went to school on Thursday and went to a Friends (were I'm writing this) to work on my English project and i brought my SD card but i think i lost it!! It was a new one also!! I'm going to go look for it after this so hopefully i can upload sometime today!! (also when i post it make sure to read the full post because i will be having a giveaway!)

- I will be somewhere at some time and I'm not telling you yet because i don't know if I'm aloud LOL!!

- Last but no least. Anyone who hasn't paid for the kit club (If your a prior member) please check your email because Ive emailed the15 people like 6 times each. This is a 6 month membership and you agreed to be in it for 6 months after your first payment! Also anyone who would like to enter the kit club please email me at Sign ups for this month will be until the 10th so in 2 days!!

I think that was all i need to talk about!! I fell like i had alot more things i wanted to talk about but i cant remember. O WELL!! Ill let y'all know later!

Thanks so much



  1. Hey! Great news (:
    I was going to head over to the blog and check it out, But there is no Link. I'll check back later and see if it's there!

  2. Fabulous news Drew! Congrats! i checked out the blog and became a follower - looks like a great team! On the candy, i am not sure i understand the translation - is it only open to Russia and surrounding area? Not that it matters - i mean i would love to win the candy, but i will follow either way :) But I would like to know before i post it on my blog so i can mention it is only available there. Thanks for linking us up to this amazing site!

    rebeccadunham at hotmail dot com

  3. Congrads! Now you will be worldwide! Have to hop over and sign up for the blog. Cannot wait to see what you will come up with for it.